Fish Tacos with Carrot Salad

Fish tacos have never sounded good me. In fact, I was actually disgusted at the thought of them. I know people LOVE them but I had never given them a shot until last week.  I went to my parents right after work and was starving (as usual).  Well, this is what they were having for dinner. MUCH to my surprise, I can now say that I have tried AND liked fish tacos.


What you’ll need:

Frozen fish – breaded is best but I like to use non-breaded for a healthier dish.

Fish taco sauce

Carrot salad


What you’ll do:

Bake fish as indicated on box.

Mix together yogurt, lime zest, lime juice, sugar, salt and cilantro. Set aside.

When fish is done, just put in tortilla with carrot salad and top with sauce.


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